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MAGDALEN ISLANDS – July 21, 2017


Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) announces the implementation of a new management regime for the Magdalen Islands Halibut fixed gear fleet less than 19.81 m.


Starting in 2017, the Halibut allocation of the 160 licence holders from the Magdalen Islands fixed gear fleet will be managed by way of individual quotas (IQ). The allocation for the fleet is 88 418.046 kg, since the implementation of a new management regime allows to accept the request of the fishermen association to suspend the quota conciliation for the overrun of the 2016 quota.

The individual quota program includes the two following components:

  • 93.34626% of the allocation is shared equally between all groundfish fixed gear licence holders from the Magdalen Islands;

  • 6.65374% of the allocation is shared according to the percentage of the Magdalen Islands total Halibut landings that each these licences represented for the period of 1986 to 2004.

The purpose of including the landing history in the calculation of the IQ is to give the fish harvester an amount comparable to the landings associated with its fishing licence during the reference period 1986-2004, which is the period used by DFO during the sharing of the Halibut quota of 4RST in geographical fleet shares for the fixed gear in 2007.

In order to establish the fleet share that is going to be allocated according to the historic landings, the annual average of the total landings for the 160 actual fleet licences that were active during the reference period is used.


Method of calculation used

Total landings for the 160 licences fixed gear fleet less than 19.81 m from the Magdalen Islands from 1986 to 2004

111 779,16 kg

Number of years

19 years

Yearly average 1986-2004 for the fleet

5 883,11 kg

Portion of the 2017 quota shared in accordance with the historical landings

6,65374 %                                            (5 883,11 kg / 88 418,046 kg)


To obtain the individual quotas, the following parts, (a) and (b), are added together: 

Part a) : Portion evenly shared

Part of the quota evenly shared (93.34626% of the quota in 2017)

82 534.94 kg

Number of the groundfish fixed gear fleet less than 19.81 m from  the  Magdalen Islands


Quota allocated evenly to each licence :

(82 534.94 kg / 160 licence holders)

515.84 kg

Part b) : Portion allocated according to the historic landings

Part of the quota allocated according to historic landings (6.65374%)

5 883.11 kg

Quota allocated to each licence holders according to its landing record from 1986 to 2004

XXX kg (specific to each licence)




If a licence is associated to landing records amounting to 500 kg from 1986 to 2004, it represents 0.45% of the total landings for these years (500 kg / 111 779.16 kg).

The licence is granted 0.45% of 5 883.11 = 26.47 kg.

This quantity is added to the portion evenly shared:

515.84 + 26.47 = 542.31 kg  

The individual quotas calculated using the methodology presented above are then translated as a percentage of the fleet allocation (for the example above: 542.31 / 88 418 = 0.6134%). This percentage is indicated in the individual letter sent to the fish harvesters. These percentages will be included in an administrative list and will be used in the subsequent years to calculate the individual quota of each fish harvesters according to the fleet allocation.

With regards to the fishing season 2017, consult the Conservation Harvesting Plan which will provide the management measures applicable for the season.


For additional information

Please call 418-986-2095.


Dario Lemelin

A/Area Director

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Magdalen Islands



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