Notices to Fish Harvesters

Notice to fish harvesters (Experimental lobster fishing)





To assess lobster abundance and distribution in unexploited areas of the northern Gaspé, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) intends to issue four new experimental fishing licences in Area 19A-1 (see attached map).


Those interested in participating in this experimental fishery will be required to comply with a protocol developed by DFO to establish the available biomass and its distribution. Harvesters will also have to comply with the management measures set out in the Lobster Conservation Harvesting Plan. In addition, at least once a week, a technician must come on board the fishing vessel to collect data. In the absence of the technician, the licence holder must collect the data himself or herself. It should be noted that under the New Emerging Fisheries Policy, all costs associated with the experimental fishery, including costs for hiring a qualified technician, will have to be borne by the licence holders.


To be eligible for an experimental fishing licence, interested persons must:

  • be a licence holder who is categorized as Independent Core ;
  • be permanent residents of the area between Rivière-à-Claude and Rivière Tartigou; and
  • not hold licences for shrimp, traditional snow crab, or lobster.

In accordance with the New Emerging Fisheries Policy, applications by Aboriginal organizations will be given special consideration. In addition, it should be noted that priority may be given to rock crab licence holders meeting the above criteria.


The experimental fishery will be conducted as follows:

  • Licence holders will be required to use 200 traps.
  • The fishing period will run for 10 consecutive weeks, and the experimental fishing protocol must be applied during the first seven weeks. Data must be collected for the entire fishing period by the technician, or by the licence holder in the absence of the technician.


Under the New Emerging Fisheries Policy, if exploratory licences are subsequently issued, priority will be given to holders who participated in the experimental fishery, and to Aboriginal communities. However, the Department cannot guarantee that exploratory licences will be issued or that the same number will be issued as during the experimental phase.


Those interested in participating in this experimental fishery and who meet the above eligibility criteria must submit an application in the National Online Licensing System, in the "Application for new licence" section, before March 19, 2018. 

  • The application must contain the following information:
  • The fishing sub-area(s) in question (see attached map)
  • Vessel used (maximum length less than 15.24 m)

For additional information, please contact the DFO Area Office at 418-368-5559/1-877-898-5559 (toll-free).


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