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Greenland Halibut (turbot) - 4RST - Gaspe-Lower St. Lawrence - Fixed Gear less than 13,71m - Competitive


Notice to Fish Harvesters






Gaspe – April 23, 2018 

Fisheries and Oceans Canada – Quebec Region solicits the 4RST Greenland halibut fishers of the Gaspe Peninsula fixed gear fleet of less than 13.71 m under a competitive regime to file their interest to participate to the third fishing period. 

Fishing for the residual allocation of 24.7 t will be allowed from April 30th. 

Only fishers who participated in the first fishing period in 2017-2018 will be eligible for this third period. Depending on the number of eligible fishers who have expressed their interest, a random draw may be conducted to limit the number of participants.

To ensure compliance with the available allocation, an Individual maximum catch limit (IMCL) will be established based on the number of participants. According to the Notice to Fish Harvesters released on May 4, 2017, any overruns of the LMIC will be reconciled on an individual basis on the IMCL established for the year 2018-2019.

The exact duration of the fishing period will be determined according to the IMCL. Note that this may extend until May 14, 2018, in which case fishers will have to remove their nets from the water by the end of the day of May 14 at the latest.

A maximum number of 120 gillnets will be authorized, except for the holders of a traditional Snow crab licence, at the exception of the Area 12A, or a Gaspe lobster licence which will be limited to 60 nets.

Simultaneous fishing of Greenland halibut with gillnets and snow crab, lobster or whelk will be authorized during the same or different fishing trips, provided that the fishery for both species take place in the same groundfish fishing subdivision.

No boat leasing that have participated in the ITQ fishing in 2017-2018 will be allowed.

Also, with reference to the Notice to fish harvesters issued on March 15, 2018, additional management measures to reduce interactions with the North Atlantic Right Whale and to report any interactions with marine mammals are now effective in all Quebec fisheries. For more details on these measures, please consult the Notice to fish harvesters available on our website:

Eligible fish harvesters who wish to participate into this third fishing period must indicate their interest to one or the other of the following organizations by phone or in person before April 25 at 5:00 PM. No demand received at DFO will be taken into account.


Regroupement des pêcheurs professionnels du Nord de la Gaspésie                          Association des capitaines propriétaires de la Gaspésie inc.

Tel. : 418-566-2739,                                                                                                                Tel. : 418-269-7701

159, Saint-Pierre, Bureau 303, Matane (Quebec) G4W 2B8                                                  1, de la Langevin, Rivière-au-Renard (Quebec) G4X 5G4 


Every fishers who filed their interest to participate to this fishery makes a commitment to respect the conditions listed in the present Notice to fish harvesters and in the Notice issued on May 4, 2017. 

Fishers who have expressed an interest and who have been selected, as the case may be, will be required to provide DFO with their gear tag numbers in order to receive their Conditions of licence before the opening of the fishery. To obtain their Conditions of licence fish harvesters must access the National Online Licensing System. For National Online Licensing System assistance, please contact customer support by phone at 1-877-535-7307 or by email at 

You can obtain additional information on management measures and fishing areas on our website at

For additional information

Please communicate with the above organizations. 


Resource Management

Gaspe-Lower St. Lawrence area

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

418-368-5559 / Toll free: 1-877-898-5559 

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