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Regional Guidance for ITQ Program Management Consultations (2019-01-31)


The following letter regarding the Regional Guidance for ITQ Program Management Consultations was sent by e-mail to representatives of fishermen's associations that are members of the Liaison Committee Between Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) and the Quebec Harvesting Sector on February 18, 2019. To obtain the schedule of meetings and/or documents related to the regional guidance, we invite you to contact your association or the DFO contact person mentioned in the letter below.


Quebec - January 31, 2019


Dear Sir or Madam:

As presented at the Liaison Committee Between Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Quebec Harvesting Sector of December 2018, you will find attached the Regional Guidance for Individual Transferable Quota Program Management.

This guidance is a formal document summarizing the work of the DFO/Industry working group set up in 2016 and the transitional measures in effect since March 2018 concerning the individual transferable quota (ITQ) programs in the Quebec region. The regional guidance also streamlines the mechanisms governing the ITQ programs.

For the fleets concerned, we ask for your comments on this regional guidance, which will replace your current administrative guidelines. We remind you that the goal of the regional guidance is to streamline and simplify the administrative guidelines in place. DFO does not wish to use this guidance to introduce new clauses in the short term.

To facilitate understanding of the new regional guidance, DFO will hold a series of presentations in multiple regions. A schedule for these meetings will be prepared in the following days.

We would also like your input in determining the agenda and the timetable for the second wave of regional guidance simplification and streamlining measures. To do this, DFO suggests the following preliminary list of topics:

·         Merging of fleets;

·         Related licences;

·         Residency criteria;

·         Increase in the temporary transfer limit for fleets to less than 50%.


Finally, DFO would like to have comments from other fleets (for example: those that do not have an ITQ program but would like to implement this type of program).

Please send us your comments before March 15, 2019. If you have questions, you may contact Erik Arsenault at



Maryse Lemire 

Regional Director 

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