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Service Fees Act (2020-03-05)

Service fees, including fees for recreational and commercial fishing licences, to increase with cost of inflation, starting March 31, 2020

March 5, 2020


On March 31, 2020, Fisheries and Oceans Canada is required to implement the Service Fees Act, which requires that all Government of Canada departments and agencies annually adjust service fees by the rate of inflation subject to certain exceptions. This change includes the cost of licensing fees for all federally-regulated commercial and recreational fisheries across Canada. The annual rate of inflation is determined by the All-items year-over-year Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Canada, published by Statistics Canada.

The annual adjustment must begin in fiscal year 2019-20 (April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020). Fisheries and Oceans Canada will implement the first inflationary increase (2.2 per cent) on March 31, 2020 for all fishing seasons that start on or after April 1, 2020. For 2021 onwards, the annual increase will be applied when licences are issued. Fisheries and Oceans Canada last increased licence fees in 1996.

Harvesters whose fees are available on the National Online Licensing System (NOLS) will have the opportunity to pay their fees at the current price, with no inflationary increase, until March 27, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. EDT. After this time, all licence fees will be unavailable for payment while the fee amounts are updated in the system. Fees will be available for payment at the increased rate as of March 31, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. EDT. All other functions of NOLS will be operational during this outage.

For 2020 fisheries that open between January 1 and March 31, there will be no inflationary increase until January 1, 2021, even if the licence is obtained after the March 27 deadline.

The following fees charged by Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Canadian Coast Guard are affected by the Service Fees Act:

All of the above fees, except for fisheries licensing fees, have already implemented their annual inflationary increases.

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