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Autorization to use the handline for bait fishery (2021-07-29)

Notice to Fish Harvesters




SUBJECT : Autorization to use the handline for bait fishery

Québec – July 29, 2021 

Fisheries and Oceans Canada – Quebec Region announces changes to the bait fishery management measures in areas 15 and 16.

Following the closure of the commercial mackerel fishery, DFO will allow harvesters that do not have access to handline for bait to ask for new Conditions of Licence to allow the use of hand line (in addition to gillnets) for this year only. 

The amended Bait Fishing Conditions of Licence for personal use will be valid until November 30, 2021. The licences will remain unchanged and will allow fishermen to land up to 2,267 kg (5,000 pounds) per week using handlines. Fishing gear is limited to 3 lines with a maximum of six hooks per line and fishermen must continue to report bait catches as outlined in the Conditions of Licence.

Harvesters wishing to make this change can obtain revised mackerel bait Conditions of Licence through the National Online Licensing System (NOLS) right now.


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