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Halibut - 4RST - Gaspe-Lower St. Lawrence - Fixed Gear less than 13,71m - I(t)Q - Association des morutiers traditionnels de la Gaspésie

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Notice to fish harvesters




SEASON 2015 


Gaspe – May, 22 2015 

Fisheries and Oceans Canada – Quebec Region announces the reconduction for 2015 of the 4RST Atlantic halibut individual quota (IQ) program applicable to the Gaspe peninsula fixed gear fleet of less than 13.71 m licence holders of the Association des morutiers traditionnels de la Gaspésie (AMTG) group. Also announced are key management measures associated with the harvesting of Atlantic Halibut by this group. 

The fishery will be opened from 4:30 (DST) on May 23, 2015 for this fleet. 

The initial allocation of this fleet is 11.96 t for the 2015 and 2016 seasons. 

Simultaneous fishing of Atlantic Halibut in sub-area 4S1 and 4T4 and Snow crab in area 17 during the same or different fishing expeditions is authorized. The same applies to simultaneous fishing of Greenland halibut in sub-areas 4S4 or 4T3a and Snow crab in area 12, and in sub-areas 4S1, 4S4, 4T3a or 4T4 and Snow crab in area 12A. Moreover, simultaneous fishing of Greenland halibut and Whelk, Herring or Mackerel is authorized when both activities take place during separate fishing expeditions. In all cases, fish harvesters shall have valid licence conditions for these those simultaneous fisheries.

The Department wishes to remind fish harvesters of their obligation to haul each of their fishing gear at least once every 72 hours. 

Following the amendment of the boat replacement policy approved in 2014, licence holders of the fixed gear fleet of less than 13.71 m of the Gaspe of this fleet will be authorized to use a boat of less than 15.24 m notwithstanding their licence category or volume for this fishery. 

Other management measures are grouped in the 2015-2017 Conservation Harvesting Plan for Atlantic Halibut approved on May 22, 2015.

 To obtain licence conditions, fishermen must access the National Online Licensing System. For National Online Licensing System assistance, please contact customer support by phone at 1-877-535-7307 or by email at  

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