Notices to Fish Harvesters

Whelk - 8 - North Shore

Conservation harvesting plan 2015-2017


Approved May 26 2015

Modified May 27 2016

Modifié le 31 mai 2016



This conservation harvesting plan is addressed to fish harvesters having a whelk licence for area 8 (de l’Etang river to Blanc-Sablon) Quebec region, North-Shore area.



Fishing areas

Area 8: from Rivière-de-l’Étang to Blanc-Sablon

Sub-area 8-1: Part of area 8 situated in Blanc-Sablon area, bordered by the coast and the straight lines between the following points in the order listed:

North Latitude              West Longitude

51° 25' 50" N                 57° 12' 46" W

51° 20' 50" N                 57° 12' 46" W

51° 25' 00" N                 57° 06' 45" W


Dates of seasons (subject to change)

2015: May 27th to November 30th

2016: May 29d to November 30th

2017: May 29th to November 30th


Management Measures


Number of licences :

64 licences


Minimum size :

70 mm in length. The minimum size could be increased in 2017.


Number and volume of traps :

Each fish harvester will be authorized a maximum of 100 traps.

The external volume must not exceed 0.3 m3 (10.6 feet3).

In order to stimulate exploration of area 8, the Department is willing to consider pilot projects aiming the use of a maximum of 200 traps in zones of area 8 which have not been fished or fished at a low level since 2012. Prior authorization from the Department will be needed in that sense; one should allow a reasonable time frame for the analysis of the project. This measure will be assessed annually to consider renewal.



Tagging :

Each trap must bear a valid tag authorized by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO).


Log book :

The keeping of a log book is mandatory, and it must be sent to the Sept-Îles Fisheries and Oceans Canada office on the Saturday of each week, when there have been fishing activities.


Incidental catches :

Incidental catches cannot be retained.


Buddy-up agreement (pilot project)

Buddy-up agreements (maximum of two fish harvesters per agreement) is authorized in sub-area 8-1 between fish harvesters having registered whelk landings in that same sub-area during the three consecutive years previous to the targeted management year. Fish harvesters involved in a partnership agreement are authorised to use 225 traps. The impact of this measure will be analysed at the end of the management cycle in order to evaluate the possibility of renewing it.


Species at Risk Act

Pursuant to the Species at Risk Act (SARA), no person shall kill, harm, harass, capture, take, possess, collect, buy, sell or trade an individual or any part or derivate of a wildlife species designated as extirpated, endangered or threatened.

At the time this Management Plan is promulgated, the Gulf of St.-Lawrence and the Atlantic species targeted by these measures are the following ones: Spotted wolffish, Northern wolffish, Leatherback Turtle and Striped Bass (St. Lawrence Estuary population). New species could be added in the course of the year.

All by-catch of species identified above must be returned to the water and released in the exact capture location and, if the fish is still alive, in a manner that causes it the least harm. In addition, information regarding interactions with species at risk, including species mentioned above as well as the North Atlantic Right Whale, the Blue Whale (Atlantic population) and the Beluga Whale (St. Lawrence Estuary population) must be recorded in the Species at risk section of the logbook.


Licence Conditions

To obtain your licence condition, you must place your request through the National Online Licensing System (NOLS). Request will be treated within three working days when the fishery is open or at the latest 48 hours prior to the opening when the request is places 1 week in advance of the opening. For any question regarding NOLS, please phone our client service line at 1‑877‑535‑7307.


Approved by :

Andrew Rowsell

Act. Area Director

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

North Shore


For questions regarding this management plan :

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

North Coast Area

418 962-6314

Jean Morisset

Chief, Resource Management, Aboriginal Affairs, Aquaculture and Species at Risk

Clément Beaudoin

Act. Area Chief, Conservation and Protection

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