Notices to Fish Harvesters

Mackerel Area 15

Notice to fish harvesters 2015 (2015-05-06)


Quebec – June 5,2015



Fisheries and Oceans Canada – Quebec Region informs Area 15 Atlantic Mackerel licence holders from Quebec of resulting decisions following the Advisory Committee of Pelagic Species of the Lower North Shore held March 19th, 2015:  


·         Traps, handlines, gillnets and purse-seines will be the only fishing gears authorized.



New requirements for licence holders fishing with a purse-seine or a trap:


·         In order to increase the quality of landing data, dockside monitoring will be mandatory;

·         A hail-in will need to be completed with a dockside monitoring company legally designated by Fisheries and Oceans Canada according to terms within Licence Conditions;

·         Dockside monitoring coverage will be of 25% of landings distributed similarly between licence holders using purse-seines and those using traps.



For additional information

You can obtain additional information regarding changes to service delivery at the following address:


For more information contact your North Shore area office at: 1-800-463-1729.

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