Notices to Fish Harvesters

Greenland Halibut (turbot) - 4RST - Quebec - Fixed Gear less than 19,81m QIT (General)

Notice to Fish Harvesters (2015-05-11)


Moncton, Québec City, Dartmouth, St. John’s

May 11th, 2015

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) announced today the multi-year management plans for some groundfish species (Greenland halibut and redfish) in the Gulf of St. Lawrence (Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization Divisions 3Pn, 4RST), and provided a reminder of previous Total Allowable Catch (TAC) decisions for the groundfish species currently managed under a multi-year plan. The TAC for both Greenland halibut and redfish will remain the same as in 2014.

The groundfish fisheries are managed according to a multi-year approach by aligning multi-year stock assessments and science advice with fisheries management decisions. The Department will continue to regularly collect data and monitor these stocks in years between stock assessments so it can detect any changes in stock status and take any necessary action.

The management decisions for 3Pn4RS and 4TVn cod stocks will be announced separately, as well as the management decision for 4RST Atlantic halibut.

The 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 (when applicable) TAC levels for some groundfish stocks are indicated in the following table.

Stock  Annual  TAC Time period
4RST Greenland halibut 4,500 t Until May 14, 2017
Redfish Unit 1 2,000 t index fishery Until May 14, 2016
4T white hake

No directed commercial fishery*

Until May 14, 2017
4T winter flounder 300 t Until May 14, 2017
4RST witch flounder 300 t Until May 14, 2017
4T American plaice 250 t Until May 14, 2016

4T yellowtail flounder (directed fishery in Magdalen Islands)

300 t  Until May 14, 2016

*A 30 t allocation is identified to cover by-catches of white hake in groundfish fisheries, a limited recreational fishery and scientific purposes.

Additional Information:

Attached is a summary table of the main management measures for the groundfish fisheries in this notice. The approval process for Conservation Harvesting Plans (CHPs) can now be completed in collaboration with respective fleets. The CHPs include detailed and specific measures for each species of groundfish. These measures, combined with responsible fishing practices, will help to ensure that the conservation goals are met. However, if the fishery is not conducted in an orderly manner, the Department may implement additional management measures or controls in these fisheries.

For more information please contact:

Frédéric Butruille
A/Senior Advisor, Groundfish
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Moncton, NB
(506) 851-7358
Chantale Thiboutot
A/Senior Advisor, Groundfish
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Québec, Qc
(418) 648-4946
David Coffin
Senior Advisor, Groundfish
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Saint John’s, NL
(709) 772-2916
Jennifer Ford
A/Senior Advisor, Groundfish
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Dartmouth, NS
(902) 221-5731


Species Test Fishery prior to opening By – catch of cod 1

Hail-out Prior to departure

Observer coverage 2


Small Fish Protocol All species


Season & TAC (details in CHP)

Greenland halibut 4RST FG No  4RST – 10% daily Details in CHP Detail in CHP 100% Yes

4ST: Gillnets 152 to 165 mm square mesh

4R: minimum mesh size of152 mm

4ST: Longline 12.6 mm hook

Details in CHP

4,500 t

Redfish Unit 1 Index fishery MG

No 5% per trip Yes  25%  100%  Yes 

Minimum mesh of 90 mm diamond

June 15 to Oct 31 2,000 t
Winter flounder 4T MG 4T - Yes, in areas where there is high probability of cod bycatch. 10% in 4T2a, 4T3a 4T6, 4T7 and 4T8 per trip Yes

10% in 4T2a, 4T3a, 4T6, 4T7

25% in 4T8

100% Yes 145 mm square Details in CHP 300 t (MG and FG)
Winter flounder 4RST FG 4RS - Yes

4T – Yes, in areas where there is high probability of cod bycatch.

4R - 20% daily

4ST - 5% daily

No 5% 100% Yes Gillnet

4RS – 165 mm

4S1 – 140 mm

4T – 140 mm


 4R: July 15 – September 30

4ST: May 15 to Dec 31

April 1 to May 14

300 t in 4T (MG and FG) – no quota established for 4RS

American plaice 4T

Witch flounder 4RST MG

Yes, in areas where there is high probability of cod by-catch. 4R - 10% weekly

4ST - 20% per trip

Yes 25% 100% Yes 4R 155 mm square

4ST 155 mm square or diamond

American plaice: 250 t

ITQ: May 15 to Dec 31

Competitive: Details in the CHP

Witch Flounder: 300 t

May 15 to December 31

Yellowtail flounder 4T MG

Magdalen Island directed fishery only

No    10% per trip Yes 10% in 4T2a 100% Yes 140 mm square May 15 to Dec 31

April 1 to May 14

300 t

1 Groundfish fishing will be permitted in fishing zones where fish harvesters have demonstrated that cod is under the specified limits on by-catch.

2 Coverage could increase in problem areas.

NB: Refer to Conservation Harvesting Plans (CHP) for more details on the management measures

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