Notices to Fish Harvesters

Mackerel Area 16

Quebec fleet - Management measures for 2016


Quebec – May 10, 2016 


Fisheries and Oceans Canada – Quebec Region informs the Atlantic Mackerel licence holders from Quebec area 16 of the management measures in force for the 2016 fishing season:


Fishing season

The fishing season will open on May 15, 2016. 


Hail in 

A hail in call is required before landing at wharf. Before the beginning of the 2016 fishing season, licence holders must have entered into an agreement with a dockside monitoring company legally designated by Fisheries and Oceans Canada for the hail in.


Minimum size of catches

The minimum size for commercial mackerel remains at 263 mm.


Valid tags in 2017

In addition, starting in 2017, the fishing gear used in Quebec for the Atlantic Mackerel in Area 16 will need to be provided with a single valid tag with a unique identification number.


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