Notices to Fish Harvesters

Halibut - 4RST - Lower North Shore East – Competitive (prior to August 2019)

Notice to Fish Harvesters 28/07/2016


Québec, July 28th, 2016– Fisheries and Oceans Canada – Québec Region announces the management measures for the Atlantic Halibut directed fishery for the fixed gear fleet from the eastern sector of Lower North Shore (Olf-Fort to Blanc-Sablon).


On April 22nd, Fisheries and Oceans Canada announced the permanent sharing of the North Shore Atlantic Halibut quota between the Upper and Middle North Shore’s (UMNS) fleet, which receives 54% of the quota, and the Lower North Shore’s (LNS) fleet, which receives its share of 46%.


For 2016, the quota granted to the North Shore’s fleet under competitive regime is established at 93.22 t. Thus, the allocation granted to Lower North Shore fish harvesters is of 42.88 t.


On the basis of the temporary sharing between the Lower North Shore’s western and eastern sectors, the allocation granted to the eastern sector corresponds to 10.72 t. This allocation does not take into account the carry forward from the past year’s residual quota. As such, a residual quantity from the 2015-2016 LNS competitive fleet quota not exceeding 15 % of the initial quota can be carried forward to 2016-2017. Thus, a residual quantity of 4.49 t is added to this year’s 10.72 t quota. Following this carry forward, the allocation granted to Lower North Shore’s eastern sector is of 15.21 t.


Of this 15.21 t allocation, 1.71 t are put aside to cover for bycatches in other groundfish directed fisheries, leaving 13.50 t. for the directed fishery.


In accordance with the recommendations of the Lower North Shore fishermen's association and fishermen’s representatives from the eastern sector, the opening period will be August 2nd, 2016 from 5 AM to 3 PM (EDT). The fishery will unfold under a competitive regime without individual limits.


Most of the management measures are stipulated in the 2016-2017 Atlantic Halibut Conservation Harvesting Plan approved July 28th, 2016 and joined to the present Notice to Fish Harvesters. To adapt fishing effort to the available quota, the maximum number of authorized fishing hooks is 200 per fish harvester, or 300 for a pair of fish harvesters in a partnership agreement. The designated landing ports for this fishery are: Old Fort, St Paul's River, Middle Bay, Brador Bay and Blanc Sablon. As in 2015, boat leasing from outside the North Shore or fish harvester replacement will not be allowed except under exceptional circumstances. The simultaneous fishing for Greenland Halibut and Atlantic Halibut is not authorized.


Finally, the 2016-2017 Atlantic Halibut fishery statistics will not be considered in the eventuality of a change to the fishery management regime.


Authorized fish harvesters must obtain and print their valid Licence Conditions for the 2016 seasonthrough the National Online Licensing System before directing their harvesting activities on Atlantic Halibut.


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