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Last updated: 2020-04-29

Fisheries and Oceans Canada produces and makes accessible various publications to inform fishers and the Canadian public about management decisions. You can find in the species list all the publication on fisheries that affect Quebec's fish harvesters.

These publications include the following element:

  • Integrated Fisheries Management Plans (IFMPs) are the recognized planning tools that guide the execution of DFO's mandate to manage fisheries in Canada. These plans identify conservation objectives and provide information that is useful for decision making related to management, production of scientific advice, and identification of the protection and conservation measures required to ensure the sustainability of resources. IFMPs also set out performance monitoring measures for fishing activities.
  • Conservation Harvesting Plans (CHPs) stipulate management measures and certain terms and conditions for regulating fishing activities.
  • Notices to Fishers disseminate essential information that fishers need to know following specific decisions.

These plans and Notices are considered to be active. For the consultations of publications from previous years, consult the Archive section of the specific fishing area.

Orders can be viewed on the Orders Registry

The publications are available for the following species and fishing areas:

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